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UHM Graduates

Make the most of your undergraduate degree at UH Manoa, through original research, community engagement, and academic, personal, and professional development.

By joining the Honors Program, you take on a more active role in your education. Towards this end, we have designed an inquiry-based curriculum that encourages learning through independent research and creative expression. The classes are harder, but they are also more rewarding. Honors students enjoy intimate and personalized educational experiences within the setting of a large, research-driven university. You'll have access to smaller classes, dedicated advising, peer mentorship, and faculty-guided projects.

These are just a few of the many privileges offered to students of the program.

Hiking Mount Olomana

Challenge Yourself

Honors courses encourage you to think critically about the world around you.

This is important in all fields of study, and your progress in one area of academic studies can often change your perspective in others. Additionally, through the course of your participation in the program, your oral, written, and audio-visual communication skills will improve as well.

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The Best of Both Worlds

Students are often unsure whether they prefer a large research university, or a small, liberal arts college. We offer you the best of both.

Large research universities like UH Manoa offer valuable opportunities to high-achieving scholars, as well as exceptional academic, scientific, and cultural resources. Students of the Honors Program, however, also have access to most, if not all, of the advantages of small liberal arts colleges, like close contact with other similarly motivated students, small classes with dedicated professors, and individual attention.

Students of the Honors Program can enjoy the best aspects of both.

Aerial Photo of UHM campus, ca 1955

Rooted in Tradition

When you join Honors, you join a living tradition that stretches back more than half a century.

Although the Selected Studies program was founded in 1958, and the full-fledged Honors Program in 1960, our earliest roots actually date back to the 1930s. In fact the University of Hawaii itself, founded in 1907, is the oldest in the state.

While the rich history and heritage of our university and the program itself is certainly interesting in its own right, the greatest legacy of the Honors Program is the original work produced by our graduates. This is one of the most exciting challenges that Honors students are asked to take on--carrying out original research. The written form of this, your thesis, will become a part of the public record, and may very well be used by academics or policy makers for years to come.

Hawaiian Studies Students

Student Community

Make lasting friendships with others who you share the most in common with.

When you join Honors, you become part of a select community of your peers within the program. Honors clases, social events, and Honors Housing are all great places to meet other motivated, funny, and friendly students amongst your peers in the program. Find out more about the program's residential learning community as well as regular extra-curricular student activities organized by the Honors Student Organization.