Give to the Honors Program

Our program benefits greatly by the kind donations of people like you. Donating to our program does more than help us make ends meet: it helps the students in a direct and tangible way. Whether by allowing us to arrange for special events for Honors Program students, or simply improving our facilities, the effect is felt by nearly everyone. In the case of the Frings Scholarship, your donation can even help deserving students continue their studies in spite of financial difficulty.



We have two different funds:

The Hubert and Mable Frings Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Hubert and Mable Frings Endowed Scholarship Fund was established by Dr. Julia Yoshida (Honors - Zoology, 1964) to honor Professors Hubert and Mable Frings.  Hubert and Mable were both faculty members in the Department of Zoology and Hubert was himself Director of the Honors Program from 1964-67.  Hubert passed away in September of 2008. 
This fund provides for scholarships which encourage mentorship between faculty and students.  Awards are made on the basis of both financial need and academic merit.  Funds may be used to pay for costs related to attendance (tuition, books, fees, meals, housing, transportation) and/or research projects.  Recipients must be enrolled, full-time, as students in good standing in the Selected Studies Program or the Honors Program at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa.

The Honors Program Support Fund

The Support Fund is a general account that is administered by the director of the Honors Program. This fund helps us cover our general costs, but it's often used for special events and programming for our students that cannot be paid for out of General Funds.

The Honors Program Support Fund has helped us: