Our Facilities

The Honors Program office is located on the first floor of the newly-refitted Sinclair Library. Our office is directly adjacent to a spacious and comfortable Honors-only study area and lounge, which has ample lighting, and plenty of comfortable chairs and study tables. There is also a chilled drinking fountain and a spacious lanai (balcony) where one can easily see Diamond Head crater and Waikiki, as well as the large front lawn of the University.

There is a convenient bus stop transfer station located just a stone's throw from Sinclair Library, where students can catch a ride to almost anywhere on the island. This is free for UH Manoa students; the cost of semester-long bus passes are included in student tuition.

The third floor of Sinclair Library houses the Wong Audio/Video Center, where students can easily check out music, DVDs, and more, also free. Adjacent to Sinclair Library is Hemenway Hall, which houses Ba-Le, an eatery that offers made-to-order sandwiches on fresh baked breads, a variety of salads, tapioca and pastries, and iced coffee. Hemenway also has a small sports bar (the only bar on campus) for students aged 21 and over. Right next to Ba-Le is a branch bank location for American Savings Bank, and beside that, a small hair salon.

Lower Campus PE/A building houses the Leisure Center, where students can sign up for activities ranging from Dance & Arts and Crafts to Outdoor Recreation and Health and Wellness activities. Participation fees are very low, and the activities are scheduled regularly throughout the school year and summer break.

The map above pinpoints our location, in Sinclair Library. Feel free to visit our office and facilities if you'd like a closer look at what's available to students in our program. Described above are just a few of the many great opportunities available to students that happen to be located near the Honors Program study area. Check out our Recreational Activities page to learn more.